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One of the most disheartening news that IVF patients may encounter is the failure of their IVF cycle and it is understandably so because IVF specialists have a tendency of instilling so much hope in their patients at the beginning of a cycle. However, it can be extremely nerve-wrecking when IVF patients fail in their pursuit of a child even after going for as many as 3 cycles. It is unfortunate that in today's world, there are a significant number of doctors who still use their status as medical experts to keep their patients in the dark about their medical status and exactly why they cannot bear a child even after successive IVF cycles. Such doctors or medical centers take advantage of patients' lack of knowledge on IVF to milk them off their money by giving them false hope instead of telling them straight up why their IVF cycles have failed and what other options are available for them. The truth of the matter is that IVF doctors can only do as well before implantation. However, no doctor can ever determine the fate of the embryo. However, very few doctors are brave enough to admit the fact that it is at times very difficult to point out exactly what was the cause of an IVF cycle failure. Instead, the trend has been that most doctors will quote figures and try to convince their IVF patients that based on the figures, their chances of success are extremely high. As much as that may be true to some extent, it is also worth recognising the fact that each patient is unique in their own way and their treatment options should therefore be tailored to address their specific needs. Unfortunately though, a number of IVF clinics out there will never be brave enough to come clean with their patients and admit to not knowing why their cycle failed.

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The IVF is one of the most lucrative sectors of medicine and competitive in equal measure. Most doctors therefore operate on the fear that admitting to their patients that they don't know what went wrong is tantamount to admitting to being incompetent. Likewise, most patients do not like the idea of their doctors telling them that they do not know why their IVF cycle failed and most patients will look for other avenues within which to try their "luck" . We are here to precisely educate IVF patients about what they need to know in case of an IVF failure and our operations are built on the foundation of honesty and integrity in our work. If you are an IVF patient and you have had an IVF cycle failure or even more than one cycle failure, there are a number of options available for you which will depend on the type of cycles that you have undergone. You could need to go for donor sperms in case the problem is with your partner, you could go for donor eggs in case your eggs are not good enough, you could explore changing your superovulation protocol or even your own IVF doctor, especially if you are not comfortable enough with him to even ask him questions. The other option is surrogacy, but as we stated earlier, the human reproduction system is very dynamic and full of surprises as well as delicate.

If you need expert analysis and knowledge to help you tackle the challenges of IVF cycle failure, just call on us and we will be happy to help.       



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Here are some of the lives that we have changed

Truly speaking, I could still have been wasting my time, money and losing hope each day if I had not encountered these amazing people. It was clear that surrogacy was my only option after their analysis and today I am a mother through surrogacy, but it was my own egg that made that possible. Thanks a lot
By Kiera Mann
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Happy Clients

Here are some of the lives that we have changed

I am glad that I knew about these great professionals just when I was beginning to think about giving up on IVF. I now know what options are available and I am hopeful of a great outcome.
By Skye Lawrence